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vCAC 6.0 Review

Posted: December 28, 2013 in vCAC
vCAC 6 Review

I previously wrote my thoughts on the vCAC 6 preview in a post titled the same. My greatest issue with the application was the new web interface. I must say now that I was gravely mistaken.

I am very impressed with the interface. It has managed to keep it’s simplicity for end users and also seemed to have made the administrative tasks feel easier as well with the advent of the “My Goals” section. The interface seems to load quick and clean and I hope the next revision of vsphere will have such an interface. The install is a lot better that it was in 5.2 and with the help of the pre-req PowerShell script it was a breeze to install.

Now for the things I believe could use some improvement. While the interface is still simple, it does not feel streamlined at all. Without the “My Goals” section it will be a pain for a newbie to setup the product. I even find myself going back to this section for reference for new setups. The install while vastly improved, if not followed as laid out in the documentation exactly you will encounter problems. Now I know what you may be saying, that’s what documentation is for. VMware’s products, most if not all, you are able to install and run without documentation until you want to get very technical. Their interface is intuitive for there applications, but not this one. It must be precise or it will not install. Lastly I hope that the PowerShell script is built into the next install.

This is a great product for those with the appropriate license and another reason to upgrade to the vCloud level of licensing.