VMworld 2014

Posted: June 7, 2014 in VMworld 2014
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It’s that time again VMworld 2014


Here are some tips to get you there and back smoothly.
  1. Book as early as you can. Why? First, the tickets are cheaper and second hotels are the one thing you want to get right. If you do not book a hotel within the first 2-3 weeks chances are you will be taking a taxi, rental or bus to the event every day. Book early and you are rewarded with a hotel that is 1-4 blocks from the event. That money can be saved for drinks.
  2. Make sure your flights are booked with enough time between connections if you have to change planes. Last year I missed a connection because my first flight was late. I had to wait later on in the day and got there about 11 PM at night.
  3. Try your best to get there on Saturday. Why? Because you will be able to register on Saturday or Sunday morning (if you arrive late) and have Sunday to do hands on labs. That way during the week you will have the time to attend sessions or use the time you were going to spend in the labs during the week in the Hang Space.
  4. During the Hall Crawl bring a bag! Why? Trust me!
  5. Bring walking shoes. Why? You will be sorry if you do not.
  6. Bring a light sweater or jacket. San Fran is cool during summer.
  7. Attend special events if you can. You will find that vendor parties will give you the chance to ask their engineers questions that you may not get the chance to ask during the Hall Crawl. (And drinks are free).
  8. Space your sessions so you have time to get to them. When booking sessions pay attention to where they are located. You will find that you may have to go to another building. I book sessions with a ½ hour in between them. If you have to take 2 sessions that end and start at the same time then you will have to leave the first early to make the other. Make sure you will not want to ask the presenter questions after.
  9. The presenters will be available to answer questions after the session, make yourself available, even to listen to others questions and you will be wiser for it.
  10. Book your returning flight the day after. Even though Thursday is a half day you will want the downtime before returning to the real world.
  11. Have fun!

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