VMworld Etiquette

Posted: June 13, 2014 in VMworld 2014
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What not to do at VMworld

This is a list of things that get under the skin of a lot of people at the convention. I thought it should be posted as I have not seen a post yet that mentions these. Following these will make sure you are not looked at by your peers as a leper or worse not invited to any social events!

  1. When in a session, at times it is quicker to take a picture of a slide than to write the contents of the slide down. Now, note that the slides will be made available after the convention. However if you need to do so, please make sure that your sound is OFF and your flash is also. You may have no idea how annoying it is to hear 20 shutter clicks on every slide. As for the flash, your presenter may not like it much.
  2. If you get in early, do not ostracize the attendees that come in after you or on Monday. Last year on Monday morning I heard an obnoxious guy with a loud mouth close to the registration desk with his friends saying “Look at these noobs just getting here”. Friends, this is about sharing and learning information, passing on and teaching the VM message. I saw twenty people that wanted to slap the instigator. This also will not get you invited to any parties.
  3. For heaven’s sake do not take all the swag! Try and keep it to one per person. Not one for you and 4 for your colleagues that did not show up. Think about the guy that paid for his pass, maybe he wants a Tintri sticker or a PHD (now unitrends) t-shirt.
  4. Bragging about your job? Who cares?
  5. If someone asks you a technical question, do not act surprised that they don’t know. If you knew everything you would not be at the convention. A polite answer will suffice.
  6. Not many women are in our industry, it is dominated by men from a numbers standpoint. So when you see a lady in your session or on the floor, do the rest of us a favour and do not stare like she has a donut around her neck. Call me crazy but I believe that will make her think you are creepy, or even worse, a vStalker. She will not invite you to any parties!



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