vCAC 6.0 preview

Posted: November 10, 2013 in vCAC
vCloud Automation Center version 6

After reviewing vCAC version 6 which is said to be released mid November, I am not impressed. I liked the UI design of the original product. It was simple and easy to use for non technical people. The new web interface I believe still needs to be worked on when compared to the speed of the C# vSphere client. When using the VMware Lab to walk through the product I was very pleased with the administrators menu being more streamlined. Now when you are setting up the environment your steps are in order of the menu. What I thought was lacking in the LAB was creating networks with either vCNS or NSX, which is said to be included with the GA release.

Never the less I am looking forward to vCAC version 6 as not being able to provision an isolated network from within the application was preventing the organization I work for from deploying it.